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00:00 Intro. We are dangerous apes headed for extinction. Mises and Hayek explained it all.
02:10 Noam Chomsky and Daniel Ellsberg on nuclear Armageddon
04:30 Natural Selection creates all order. Bio Evolution creates life, Market Process creates Social Organism.
11:05 Hayek stands on Mises’ shoulders to explain how the entire world works.
14:00 Begin econ talk. Life = Order, Production/Consumption/Profit.
20:18 Money. More money does not equal more wealth. Creation of money by governments is a tax.
31:45 Trade and the Division of Labor and Information
35:30 Private property leads to Competition which leads to superior information and subsequent socioeconomic order.
37:40 Private property and emergent competition also evolves our morals
39:45 Prices
41:18 The impossibility of Socialism/Communism/’Central Planning’
44:58 Governments as inefficient, competition-less coercive monopolies.
48:10 The damage of regulation (forced, monopolistic, competition-less information)
52:25 Human Intelligence is way overrated, the damage of Minimum Wage Laws
56:30 The damage of patents.
01:04:58 Benefits of immigration
01:06:40 Interest Rates, Savings, and the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle
01:13:00 Economics Review
01:14:30 Hayekian Cultural Evolution. How we became cells in the Social Organism
01:24:30 Cultural evolution is much faster than biological, decentralization and its competitive expansion of freedom allowed Europeans to overtake the authoritarian Chinese.
01:27:25 Private Governance or Anarcho Capitalism.
01:30:00 Review.
01:31:50 WAR IS THE WORST THING FOR THE ECONOMY!! The Errors of the mainstream Keynesian economists. Paul Krugman is clueless.
01:36:03 The economically ignorant slightly smarter apes always fall for communism with the best of intentions. Einstein falls for Socialism.
01:41:36 Hayek Quotes. His “most alarming lesson of modern history”
01:42:56 Analyzing the rise and spread of Socialism. Lenin, famine, “Atheist Central Planning Experts” (Left) vs “Religion/Tradition” (Right)
01:52:55 Cultural Evolution Applied. Jews inadvertently rising to the top of both Capitalism and Socialism. Interest rates, “usury” evolution of modern banking/finance/Capitalism
02:11:35 WWI. The economically ignorant slightly smarter apes and their “experts” destroy each other.
02:16:50 Overpopulation myth, we are natural selection’s greatest invention.
02:18:30 Ideological errors leading to Imperialism/slavery/etc.
02:21:35 The misguided focus on race, “identity politics” coupled with economically ignorant socialism leads to inevitable polarization and socioeconomic breakdown.
02:26:26 Black relative underachievement is due to Socialism being more appealing due to historical and other factors. Mainstream modern Black leaders/intellectuals have been Socialists/Communists (MLK, Malcolm X, Mandela, Black lives Matter)
02:31:25 Critique of Robin DiAngelo’s ‘White Fragility’ . 0 understanding of how the social order works and how freedom evolves “identity” .
02:33:50 Richard Dawkins’ Quote… “Social Scientists” who have 0 understanding how the real social order works we are better off ignoring once we properly understand Mises and Hayek just like we did Darwin.
02:35:45 Coronavirus is a WWI-like tribalistic calamity based on botched monopoly science and the usual cocktail of hatreds and economic ignorance leading to Socialism and thus socioeconomic chaos and opression. Fauci is the new economically ignorant Lenin
02:41:35 We must catch up to Mises/Hayek/friends. We must spread the econogospel before it is too late.
02:42:50 Spread economics virally/cleverly. Hazlitt strategy, focus on money/inflation, competition, reach famous people. 02:45:35 Avoid war and conflict with China, Russia, Iran, everyone! Prevent apes from destruction.
02:46:10 Get everyone back to work as productively as possible in a week.
02:48:55 End war on drugs. Good opportunity to teach economics and alleviate so much suffering and racial problems. 02:53:00 We catch up to Mises and Hayek or become evolutionary dead ends.
02:54:15 Help my campaign

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