My name is Jorge Besada and I am running for US House of Representatives in Washington State’s Congressional District #9 as a member of the Libertarian Party. 

My campaign has two overlapping purposes.

  1. To do what the great free-market economist Ludwig von Mises referred to as “the primary civic duty”: to spread an understanding of economics, of REAL Capitalism, not the convoluted mess we have today.
  2. Help spread a complete evolutionary understanding of the world as explained by Mises’ protégé 1974 Nobel Laureate in Economics F.A. Hayek. Please watch/share my campaign introductory video below. See youtube video description for detailed and clickable table of contents.

Our freedom to choose transforms billions of free people into a global super-computer where all companies are motivated to innovate and learn from each other thus inadvertently cooperate to discover the best information with which to serve customers and reorder all of mankind. Freedom and competition, not coercive competition-immune government monopoly by ‘experts’, is what made America such a great country

Competition allows us to discover superior information. Just like during the decades where simply comparing the prosperity between Communist and Capitalist countries could easily show that the free/Capitalist countries were doing much better yet it took decades for the ideological/erroneous structure which kept (and still keeps) Communism going to change, the same is happening right before our eyes with respect to the COVID scare. See comparison below, Sweden followed the advise of their “expert” Anders Tegnel and numerous others who felt like freedom/economy shattering lockdowns would be counterproductive. The USA was coerced into going along with the advise of another “expert” Anthony Fauci and one can see the results below.

Again, why are millions coerced into the views of one “expert” when countless others disagree and the above evidence shows lockdowns didn’t even help? Why is it that anyone could have easily seen that Communist countries were doing far worse than free-market capitalist countries yet Communism kept people oppressed and in relative poverty for sooooo long? We need a better understanding of freedom and less coercion by monopolistic government bureaucracies.

Sample Federal Libertarian Solutions I would work towards (taken from here)

  • End the federal income tax and with it the IRS; cut wasteful and unneeded government spending.
  • Balance the federal budget now – then keep cutting more!
  • Cut federal spending to the level of 1998 – which enables us to both end the federal income (replacing it with nothing) and immediately balance the budget.
  • End the federal corporate income tax; cut wasteful and unneeded government spending.
  • Fully privatize Social Security and repeal the FICA tax; sell federal assets to create private retirement accounts (i.e., no government control or involvement) for seniors who paid into Social Security and who are dependent upon it.
  • End the failed Drug Prohibition.
  • End programs that supply military-grade equipment to local law enforcement.
  • Abolish the Federal Drug Administration (FDA).
  • Abolish the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
  • Repeal the Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and any other law that violates Americans’ privacy or constitutional rights.
  • Close overseas U.S. military bases and bring troops home.
  • Close half of all domestic U.S. military bases and cut spending.
  • Cancel contracts for fighter planes, ships, and other unneeded military equipment.
  • Enact any of the measures in Ron Paul’s Plan to Restore America.
  • Remove all prohibitions on competing currencies.
  • End the Federal Reserve.
  • Defund and repeal Obamacare – and replace it with nothing. Extract government from the health care industry, ending the damage it does. Expand health freedom, which will allow costs to plummet and quality care to flourish.
  • As states remove restrictions on low-cost and free medical care, dismantle and repeal Medicare and Medicaid; repeal the Medicare tax.
  • Sell the US postal service and end its monopoly privileges.
  • Eliminate the Department of Labor.
  • Eliminate the Department of Energy.
  • Eliminate the Department of the Interior.
  • Eliminate Health and Human Services (HHS).
  • Eliminate various bureaucracies within HHS (there are dozens of entire bureaucracies within this one federal bureaucracy).
  • Eliminate Housing and Urban Development (HUD).
  • Eliminate the Department of Agriculture.
  • Eliminate the Department of Education (DOE).
  • Eliminate the Department of Commerce.
  • Eliminate the Department of Transportation.
  • Eliminate the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).
  • Eliminate the Federal Elections Commission (FEC); instead, require anyone who profits from government –contractors, government employees — to refrain from donating to political campaigns.
  • Repeal DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act).
  • End the federal death (inheritance) tax; cut wasteful and unneeded government spending.
  • Dismantle and prohibit all government unions; only private sector unions that receive no funding from government should be legal.
  • Replace government employee retirement packages with Social Security. Government employees should be subject to the same taxes and tax rules, retirement age, and terms as what private sector employees get.
  • Remove every government department and function that is unconstitutional, unneeded or that is better served by the private sector.
  • Eliminate all “off-budget” spending: if politicians are so ashamed of how they’re spending taxpayer money that they need to hide it, it needs to be cut — immediately.
  • Eliminate the phony distinction “discretionary spending.” 100% of government spending is discretionary. End automatic funding of certain budget line items, and require lawmakers to vote on 100% of appropriations every year.
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